Why You Should Learn Java

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Java programming language is a widely used language and runs on over 3 billion devices across the world. Java is among the top 3 programming language in the world if not the most popular which has made developers very eager to learn this old yet modern platform-independent language which you can write once and run anywhere.

One amazing thing about this Java programming language is that it is even widely recognized and it has a lot of very well paying jobs. According to Hacker News, there is a great demand for java developers and do you know Java developers are among the most paid developers around the globe, the whole world precisely.

A quick introduction to java

Let us assume java to be a tree. The tree is divided into three parts basically with your basic computer skills, you can get started with java. What you will need to do first is to learn the basic Java tools which you can use to build Mobile apps, Desktop apps or build Enterprise (Web) apps for organizations.

The mobile apps could be Android apps and Android have the highest if not, 60% market share among mobile platforms worldwide. Talking about the Desktop apps, you can use the Java programming language to build games for desktop. One of the popular game built with java is the almighty “Minecraft” – I bet you won’t say you haven’t heard about Minecraft before, even if you haven’t played it on your PC. You can also develop software tools like Netbeans or Bluej which are quite the most popular Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

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Coming to the Enterprise Java developers who work for big companies, 90% of Fortune companies use Java which is quite the biggest record so far exceeding the likes of JavaScript and Python. What these companies hire you to build are E-commerce applications, Banking software and Backend Services.

However, on this blog, we will cover basically two things which are programming in Java and Basic Java Tools.
Java is an independent language and does not require the use of another computer program to run. Let us take, for example, you are a Nigerian and you traveled down to PARIS where you’ll have to speak French and not your native language. To talk with people you’ll need to use your phone by translating your native language to French before sending a message across. Your phone here acts as a Compiler and I am going to cover more on that in my next article. Your phone which serves as a compiler is basically there to interpret messages and translate it into what you can understand just like how the computer translate binary into readable instructions.

What do you need to learn java programming?

You need the JVM, JRE and the JDK! What are these JJJ? The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which will compile your code so your IDE can interpret. The JVM is the part of your Java Run-time Environment (JRE) which is needed to show your code to people probably, your kids, work-partner or friends. Also, to make and run java programs, you will need to download the Java Development Kit (JDK) which will allow your Integrated Development Environment (IDE) be able to work. Example of IDE is Netbeans, Eclipse, and Bluej which are basically the most popular java IDE with Netbeans being the most suitable for Beginners.

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I stand to be corrected! Contributions are welcomed as well. Thank you for visiting my blog.


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